We are a family friendly group who holds public rituals open to all. We have no membership requirements to participate in our rituals. Our only requirements for participation in a ritual is to dress appropriately (robes are not required) and to have respect for all participants. If you are interested in the flow of a common ritual, check out the FAQ. We hope to see you at an event soon.
If you will, come visit and see what we are about. Hopefully you will be able to find a home here, with the Church, and find that peace.

Upcoming Events

June Full Moon06/09/2017 7:30PM
Litha 201706/24/201712:00PM
July Full Moon07/09/2017 7:30PM
Lammas 2017 08/05/201712:00PM

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Moon Phases in UT

First Quarter06/01/201708:43:19
Full Moon06/09/201709:10:52
Last Quarter06/17/201707:33:50
New Moon06/23/201722:31:51